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Monday, October 3, 2011

Bean Project Results


What will work better to grow a bean plant Water or Dr. Pepper?

Background knowledge

I know that water is already used to grow plants well, but is it possible for Dr. Pepper to do better?


What will make the seed grow faster Dr.Pepper or water?


1) 2 cups
2) Dirt
3) 2 beans
4) Dr. Pepper
5) Water
6) Gradulated Cylinder
7) Scale
8) Pencil and paper
9) Ruler


Step 1: Make a hypothesis/ what will make the seed grow faster Dr. Pepper or water?
Step 2: Get the materials needed.
Step 3: Get 2 beans that have the same color and texture.
Step 4: Get 2 cups and fill them 3/4 of the way full of dirt.
Step 5: Weigh the beans and get two that weigh the same. Also weigh the dirt and make its weight equal for both cups.
Step 6: Dig a hole in the middle of each cup 2 centimeters into the cup.
Step 7: Place 1 seed in each cup, and then fill in the hole.
Step 8: Fill 1 cup with 5ML of water, and the other 5ML full of Dr. Pepper.
Step 9: Make a table and measure the size it has grown each day for 3 weeks.
Step 10: Conclude your data by which has gotten taller.


For my expeirment I didn't have any growth for Dr. Pepper nor Water. So my Conclusion would have to be water because its already what most people use to grow things anyway.


Why didn't Dr.Pepper grow at all?

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