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Monday, October 17, 2011

Why I Write

I write for different reasons,
-For notes
-When told
-When bored
-Writing music
-Or even just for fun.

We write for many things, tons, thousands, millions of reasons. Please feel free to comment some of those reasons.


  1. Dear Dylan,
    My name is Frances Judd and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL in a class called EDM310. I chose to comment on your blog because Dylan is my son's name too! I really enjoyed looking at your blog and you seem like a very interesting and intelligent young man! It's really cool to see that you like writing music and for fun! That's so impressive and you never hear of that from young students anymore! What kind of music do you like? I really hope to read more of your intriguing work.
    Frances Judd

  2. Hi Dylan,

    My name is Jill Lazzari and I am currently enrolled in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. Like you, I also mostly write when taking notes or when told. I have to admit I am not very big into writing, but when given a great topic I can come up with some fun stories. I think it's cool that you are writing music. I like music, but can't imagine myself writing it. I'm glad music motivates you to write. Keep up the good work Dylan!

  3. Dylan that's funny as always but you forgot one which is to make people laugh OK Dylan.

  4. Will I do like to write but when I do I would write about games. by kyle w.

  5. Hi Dylan,
    Nice post! I'm Clare, a highschool student at OES, and I enjoyed reading your classes' blogs- it sounds like you do a lot of cool stuff! I write for school too, but I also sometimes write poetry and short stories for fun. I like your point that we write all the time because it's true, even if it's only a text or an email. Writing is such an important part of our society, so what do you think the world would be like without writing? I know there would be many changes. I'm glad you've found a form of writing that you like, and keep up the great work!